Admission Guidance


We have a team of trusted official who are linked to over 700 reputed universities and colleges on a global scale. We have delegated representatives in universities like USA, UK, Malaysia, Switzerland, Dubai, France, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, etc. Over the years, we have intelligently built a reputation and has cultivated a relationship with these universities, thus making it easy for our students to gain admission into various institutions. Although there are a series of formalities and queries that requires individual attention; we provide you with the right guidance and all the information needed towards successful completion of gaining admission into any desired institute.


Step 1 – Expert’s Free Counselings

We direct counselor who has thorough knowledge on the particular course of your choice; with the primary aim of guiding you through, and providing you with the right guidance and information needed to excel in your chosen field of endeavour. The primary focus of our counselors is to ensure that you are admitted to the institute of your choice and study the course you have chosen.


Step 2 – Identify Course, Country and University

At this phase we, our team of trusted and reliable counsellors will assist you in listing out all the courses you considered as an option, and suggest to you what blend most with the quality of your personality, financial status. We understand how frustrating students go through, trying to scale courses that are out of their passion scope. So selecting the right courses is the first step to academic success. After a proper evaluation is carried out on your profile, our team will list out the number of suitable institutes for you to finalise which is suitable to your scale of choice.


Step 3 – International Test Prep

We set up measures to evaluate students with standardised international tests; the primary aim is to equip students and get them ready for the entire admission process. We provide additional coachings like PTE, GRE, SAT, ACT, GMAT and TOEFL. We offer students with information in a crystal and understandable manner to assist them in attaining an institution cut off mark.


Step 4 – Document Editing

We ensure that every student profile is rightly checked and properly edited to eliminate errors that are due to omission or commission. We give your application special attention and provide comprehensive feedback to students on the outcome of our effort. During this, we take out time to correct both major and minor issues that may require attention. There are a series of paperwork needed to ensure the success of the entire process by compiling all the needed documents appropriately.


Step 5 – Application Process

Irrespective of your application form be it online or paper-based; we give each application the required attention. We carefully check out the details on each application before sending them out to various required universities. We set out time for one-on-one personal data verification between our counselors and required students. After a proper review of information, we also embed a personalized, confidential recommendation/ assessment.

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